Lively Voice - Dynamic Speech
Summer Term 2024



Seminar Course
Universitiy of Salzburg

In normal conversation, untrained speakers only use around 20 per cent of the vocal skills available to them. In this course, we examine what our voices are actually capable of. Students will acquire presentation techniques and basic voice training that will enable them to prepare for presentations and discussions on their own.


Iphigenia 2023


A Video to the Performance: 15 Short Cuts

Acting & text adaptation: Tomma Galonska
Music: Nathanael Turban
Costumes: Susanne Hofmann
Director: Alex Novak
Camera: Oliver Tataru
Cut: Christian Ketels

Munich, 2023


A vision for poetic practice

Publication in:
Literatur in Bayern
Quarterly magazine
December 2022

No 150: Future of Culture in Bavaria
The article outlines the idea of a speechART gallery. 
The realisation is in progress...