In Defense of Sense and Sensibility


The Pentagon project will be implemented for the first time in October 2021 as part of DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND.

DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND was founded in 2019 by Miro Craemer and will take place for the third time at the Pinakothek der Moderne. The motto this year is: feminine.

We – the artists Tomma Galonska and Rasha Ragab – are developing the Pentagon project for this purpose: we collect knowledge and experiences from women whose paths happen to cross in Munich; we conquer moments of reflection, of sense and sensibility and defend them with our own words and scenic actions.

The project is supported by the Cultural Foundation of the Stadtsparkasse München.


Would YOU like to participate?

Then contribute your experience, knowledge, wit and words. We offer experiments on perception in public space and writing workshops. In playful processes we'll help you to create short texts that will be performed by us at the Pentagon.

YOU do not need any professional experience! If YOU are interested in art, literature and creative practices, feel free to contact us by mail . We look forward to YOU!

Why Pentagon?

The title plays with the double symbolism of the pentagon: as centuries-old fortress architecture, it stands for (warlike) defense, as a long-standing symbol for the person who perceives herself/himself as a whole in the surrounding world, it stands for reflection. We think both aspects together and declare the Pentagon to be a symbol for a defense of reflection.

For our art campaign we mark two pentagons: One in the public space around the Pinakothek der Moderne, there we work out the stories. And another one at the exhibition room of DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND, where the short texts will be presented in serial performances.

What intrigues us?

Subjective Geography
A city lives from the people who live in it. We walk the same streets and paths and yet follow our subjective geography: dreams and pains have accompanied our paths. Coincidences, decisions, personal and political influences have guided our routes. How did YOU come to Munich?

We see what surrounds us through the eyes of our experiences. Objects and occurrences that we look at can carry our thoughts and feelings far away, casual observations can evoke amazing memories. We follow them ...

Knowledge is accessible everywhere today, but it does not release us from our impotence. We are exhausted from a volume of information that we cannot process. Countless data and opinions lead to paralysis or hyperactivity. But knowledge is not just information or a discourse about something, it is a way of connecting with life.

Writing means: processing, trial and error. But also: intuition, exposing the unexpected. Writing means entering into a relationship: with the world around us and with us. Writing is an approach. Writing is surprise and curiosity.

Creative practices that allow us to appreciate the meaning of the human experience. We use conceptual, sensual, historical, biographical, poetic and aesthetic tools that restore us our personal and collective ability to express ourselves beyond dogmas and templates. They are emancipatory tools.

We want to establish a livable time for a few hours.
We want to enable new alliances between various forms of knowledge.
Every moment of autonomy counts.

Truths are varied and slow. We give them time and space.