List of works 2019 – 2006 (a selection)


Dante's »Divina Commedia«
And the reflection of the world
Klangraum Düsseldorf

Speech-Composition & Performance: Tomma Galonska
German translation by: Hartmut Köhler

Echoes of Hungary
Europäische Wochen Passau

Speech-composition & Performance: Tomma Galonska
Texts by:
Károly Arató, László Bertók, Zita Izsó, István Kemény, Krisztina Tóth, Erzsébet Tóth, Tímea Turi, Gábor Schein, István Péter Szakács, Dániel Varró


By Jürg Laederach
Theater Basel

Concept & Performance: Tomma Galonska
Adaptation from 2008 on the occasion of the Laederach memorial

Poetic voices from Europe
Europäische Wochen Passau

Speech-composition & Performance
Tomma Galonska with Carsten Gerhard
Texts by:
Odysseas Elytis, Victor Hugo, István Kemény,
Tone Kuntner, István Lazlo G.


All this is true
An adaption of »The Persians« by Aeschylus
Klangraum Düsseldorf; Kunstausstellung 6:9 Weltversprechen München

Solo for one actress and a participating audiance
Concept, Libretto, Performance: Tomma Galonska
English Translation: P. J. Blumenthal


Occasion_1 (cast-off-life)
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich

Installation for a speaking character and a disembodied choreography
Concept & performer: Tomma Galonska
The concept won an award from the Cultural Department of the city of Munich for project development in 2015


Longing for Territory. Longing for Upheaval. Longing for Love. Longing for Revenge.
Adaptation of Shakespeare's »Henry VI«
Leonrod Haus, Munich

Speech-installation for a single female voice and video
Concept & performer: Tomma Galonska
Videos by: Manuela Hartel

I live in hell – let me live
Video-Diptych by Manuela Hartel
Leonrod Haus München 2014; Munich Opera Festival "Stadt der Frauen", Munich 2015; Collateral event of Biennale Arte "Body & Soul", Venice 2017

Concept: Tomma Galonska & Manuela Hartel
Performance: Tomma Galonska
Video: Manuela Hartel






Schauing/Schaustelle, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

5 days of performing with fragments form former works
Concept & performer: Tomma Galonska

supreme mask
By Aimé Césaire
Klang im Turm, Munich

Performance in honor of the 100th birthday of the Afro-Caribbean poet Aimé Césaire
Concept & performer: Tomma Galonska


NEWS 13:13
Haus der Kunst, Munich

26 days of performing − Poetry of Aimé Césaire
Haus der Kunst, Munich
Concept & Performer: Tomma Galonska with Tonderai Munyebvu
Sculptures: Valentin von Manz
Science adviser: Danila Roth

The slow sound of his feet
By Dambudzo Marechera
Artists Residence Villa Waldberta, Feldafing

Concept & director: Tomma Galonska
Performance: Tonderai Munyebvu, Denton Sikura

By Heiner Müller 
New Drama School, Munich

Director: Tomma Galonska


physical: MONEY
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich

Performance about money and identity
Concept & director: Tomma Galonska
Music by: Anastasio Mitropoulos


One Minute
By Simon Stephens
Societaetstheater, Dresden

A production of Schauwerk Dresden-Hellerau
Director: Tomma Galonska

public banana
By Roger Kausch 
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich

Speech-performance for seven women to a silent video about a Tanzania market-place
Video: Roger Kausch
Speech-Script & director: Tomma Galonska


Speech and Power − But who rules over us?
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich

Walk-in-installation based on a Kurdish song from 530 B.C.
Concept & director: Tomma Galonska

before disappearance
By Andrea Heuser 
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich

Choreography for dance, speech-acts and lyrics
Concept & director: Tomma Galonska
Music by: Sidney Corbett
Schwere Reiter Theater, Munich
(Revivals in 2010, 2015, 2016)

The Wolf-Gang
By Tom Lanoye 
Dramaten, Dresden

Director: Tomma Galonska


By Jürg Laederach 
6th New Drama Festival, Munich

A Music-Theater-Production
Concept & director: Tomma Galonska

Living Sculptures
Freies Musikzentrum, Munich

Series for international contemporary poetry & performance
Concept, director: Tomma Galonska 
Texts by: Kay Ryan, USA; Patrizia Cavalli, Italy; Yoko Tawada, Japan, Germany


Trans-Lay-Shuns (Über see zungen)
By Yoko Tawada 
Meta Theater Moosach, Seidlvilla Munich, Residenz Eichstätt, et al.

A dialogue for voice and piano
Concept & performer: Tomma Galonska
Piano: Masako Ohta


The Unending
By Gottfried Benn,
Atelier Tomma Galonska (Schauspielzelle) Munich

An oratorium transformed into a version for seven voices and saxophone
Concept & director: Tomma Galonska with Michael Mahn

Have a cup of tea −There is a time for everything
Kunst im Karree, Atelier Tomma Galonska (Schauspielzelle) Munich

Walk-in-installation for the Book of Kohelet
Cast: Two vocal voices, two music instruments and various tea-ceremonies
Concept: Tomma Galonska with Helena Hill- Wilson

There remains yet
By Rose Ausländer
Atelier Tomma Galonska (Schauspielzelle) Munich

Text and music improvisation
Voice: Tomma Galonska
Cello and Viola da Gamba: Margarita Holzbauer