Depending on where a person is coming from, goals and needs vary. I recommend these four paths. They can be combined individually.


Videostill: Hans Christian Gruber. Salzburg 2018.

Path one: Tips and Tricks

Too fast, too softly, not clear enough, too little eye contact? With a few tricks and playful exercises, a process is set in motion which helps you experience well-articulated speech as something tangible. If you are in control of your tempo, you will feel more confident, freer. Meaning: both you and your audience will have more room to breathe.

Path two: Basic Skills

In the long term, it's worth moving a few steps back and taking a good look at the patterns intrinsic to the process of speech. The better you understand these on the level of experience(!), the easier it will be for you to apply them purposefully. Natural processes are willing accomplices – as long as we don't work against them. Basic skills imply redeveloping your own natural qualities as something already available.

Path three: Lectures and Presentations

Often you can observe a discrepancy between a good script and its execution. A lecture may sound much too boring and not generate the quality of the material that's been carefully prepared. A presentation primarily depends on the execution of a "score" – like in music: variations in verbal style, tempo and voice calibration need to be developed. The cure is: to speak freely! And don't forget to be flexible in a situation...

Path four: Freestyle (Out of the comfort zone)

Even speakers with no prior instruction have a command of vocal abilities that remains unused in around 80% of normal conversations. Shaking up old habits in a protected environment, discovering a plethora of possibilities of self-expression can be liberating and inspiring. This doesn't refer merely to volume and some artificial sense of excitement. The effects of soft tones and intervals of time can also offer valuable experiences. Just like many people do something for their bodies (sports, fitness, yoga etc.) developing vocal skills and body language is a very pleasurable recreational activity. A marvelous field for experimentation...for learning your options and limits...

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